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KNU’s Educational Philosophy
The highest value that a university must pursue as a hall of learning, meaning that it strives to seek the truth without hesitation.
Referring to the pride of KNU’s students and faculty as demonstrated through its endless development of great talent that has contributed to the development of Korea and indeed human society. We celebrate this great pride through our university’s history, traditions and future goals.
KNU graduates have been educated as real intellectuals, proud professionals and practice-valued servants of the people, who serve not only their own society and nation but also the global community.
KNU’s Educational Goal
KNU is transformed through innovation, communication and its impression on the world.
It began as a regional education hub founded with the support of residents, and quickly gained a strong reputation as the best university south of Seoul. KNU became known for producing the top Korean intellectuals of the age, representing the Republic of Korea with pride. Our goal is to reaffirm the status long held by KNU, bringing change and the spirit of innovation to the world. We will become a university that inspires people the world over with our achievements.
We are a globally-oriented, knowledge-driven university.
We are now a global competitor, as such, we have to foster research capabilities that can compete with global standards and cultivate talent that will lead the world. KNU will be a university that not only creates knowledge but also leads the stream of intelligence as it takes a step ahead. As a university with one of the nation’s largest campuses and operating infrastructures, we strive to impress the region, the nation and the world.
We put investment in human resources above all else.
One of our greatest assets is the people we educate. KNU will give first priority to concentrated investment in human resources development, producing talented individuals with the wisdom of cultural insight and scientific technology; passionate professionals who enjoy a challenge; people who will lead the world with creativity and innovation. In addition, we will create an educational and professional environment in which all people-students, professors, and staff of the university-trust and cooperate with each other.

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