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Experience the Korean Workplace!

With an increasingly competitive global job market, employers are now looking for students with international work experience, and this is where KNU can help.

Based on a diverse network of Korean companies, including multi-national conglomerates, SMEs, local government, and NGOs, KNU offers international students the chance to integrate a part-time internship into their exchange semester.

English is used as the language of communication, and activities range according to the background and skills of the individual student and the needs of the host company.

The internships are arranged at the beginning of the semester, and last for 12 weeks based on 12 hours per week for 3 credits. Most internships are unpaid.

Full-time internship options are also available during the summer and winter vacations.

For more information, please contact the Office of International Affairs at

Internship Information

  1. 1.Application Form for Global Internship_spring 2016  file_down
  2. 2.Host Company List_Spring 2016  file_down
  3. 3.Global internship working attendance sheet  file_down
  4. 4.Portfolio guidline  file_down
  5. 5.Internship_Portfolio_LG_Mona_Tagwerker  file_down
  6. 6.Internship_Portfolio_LG_Katarzyna_Koszel  file_down
  7. 7.Internship_Portfolio_DMICM_Wojciech_Ozanskir  file_down
  8. 8.Internship_Portfolio_Novotel_Anton_Pozenel  file_down
  9. 9.Internship_Portfolio_WFG_Tatu_Kauppinen  file_down

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