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KEUDOS – Korea + EU Degree Opportunities for Students (Joint Degree Project)
Duration : 01/10/2012 – 20/09/2016

Consortium institutions

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME, Hungary, EU lead partner)
  • Warsaw University (WU, Poland)
  • Warsaw University of Technology (WUT, Poland)
  • Ljubljana University (UL, Slovenia)
  • Northumbria University (UNN, UK)
  • Kyungpook National University (KNU, Republic of Korea, Korean lead partner)
  • Chonnam National University (CNU, Republic of Korea)

Fields and objectives

Focusing on the fields of business and IT/electrical engineering, this project is responding to the demand for an interculturally intelligent international workforce and combines the success of three previous mobility projects via the introduction of a new 25% undergraduate double degree model that will allow EU and Korean students to earn an accredited Korean degree and accredited EU degree based on a two-semester exchange period and successful completion of the respective degree requirements.

The selected fields also reflect the strategic strengths and economic potential of the partner countries, plus the high calibre of each partner institution ensures that the double degree awards will have clear industrial relevance and international credibility.

Study program

The framework of the 25% model is based on degree mapping and does not require any preliminary special track, thereby increasing the potential student applicants and the time-to-the-first-exchange. The 2-semester mobility period will also contain an intra European dimension for the Korean students and internship opportunities for all students, including an evidence portfolio to demonstrate intercultural employability skills.

Languages of instruction: mainly English (this is a foreign language for the students of all but one institution). Plus, courses on the language of the respective host institutions will also be provided. Sufficient language preparedness will be verified.

Total number of students to study abroad

20 EU students and 42 Korean students over the project duration. However, an additional 60 EU and 20 Korean students are expected to benefit from the double degree framework set up by this project using institutional support or other funding outside the project (Overall total: 80 EU students and 62 Korean students).

Total number of exchange faculty staff members

13 Korean and 20 EU faculty members over the project duration.

Degrees awarded to students upon successful studies

  • The project offers 20 double degree combinations:
  • Korean software / electrical engineering students: KNU + BME BSc double degree, KNU + WUT BSc double degree
  • Hungarian software / electrical engineering students: BME + KNU BSc double degree
  • Polish software / electrical engineering students: WUT + KNU BSc double degree
  • Korean business students: KNU + WU BA double degree, KNU + UL BA double degree, KNU + UNN BA double degree , CNU + WU BA double degree, CNU + UL BA double degree, CNU + UNN BA double degree
  • Polish business students: WU + KNU BA double degree, WU + CNU BA double degree
  • Slovenian business students: UL + KNU BA double degree, UL + CNU BA double degree
  • UK business students: UNN + KNU BA double degree, UNN + CNU BA double degree

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