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KNU Dormitories In KNU, residential facilities are provided for students from outside Daegu or Sangju city and overseas for their safe, clean, comfortable and affordable living environment.
Each dormitory is equipped with a gym, a recreation hall, a meeting room, a computer lab and laundry facilities. All the rooms are fully furnished and also have Internet access. Residents in the dormitory are required to cooperate with each other to maintain their surroundings. KNU dormitories have certain rules that all resident should comply with, and the residents will be held responsible for any violation of rules.

Housing on Sangju Campus

KNU Dormitory on Sangju Campus has 4 dormitory buildings with 265 rooms, housing about 800 students.

1. Eligibility

To be eligible for room occupation, you must be an enrolled student at KNU. Residents who withdraw from the university, who are academically dismissed from enrollment or who do not complete registration are no longer allowed to live in a dormitory.

Rooms for international exchange students are automatically reserved by the Office of International Affairs before their arrival

2. Opening Period for 2014

  1. 1) Spring Semester: February 28 - June 21, 2014
  2. 2) Summer Vacation: June 22 – August 30 , 2014
  3. 3) Fall semester: August 31 – December 20, 2014
  4. 4) Winter vacation: December 21, 2014- February 25, 2015

3. Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees
Amount (KRW) Note
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Room Jaju-gwan 284,000 Closed 284,000 To be announced Four Occupancy
Gyeongae-gwan 363,000 Closed 363,000
Changjo-gwan 363,000 402,000 363,000 Double Occupancy
Geunmyun-gwan 436,000 Closed 436,000
Meals 540,000 Not Provided 497,000 3 meals/day

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