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Cost of Living in DAEGU, KOREA

Living costs
Restaurants / Café Markets Transportation / Accomodation
Big Mac Combo KRW 5,500 Water (500ml) KRW 600 Bus/Subway
(one way)
KRW 1,200
Korean Dish KRW 6,000 Loaf of White Bread (500g) KRW 2,500 Taxi fare starts from KRW 2,800
Super Supreme Pizza KRW 30,000 Milk (1liter) KRW 2,000 KTX to Seoul
(one way)
KRW 43,500
TGIF- Steak KRW 35,000 Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) KRW 4,500 Airplane to Seoul KRW 60,000
Domestic Beer
KRW 3,000 Newspaper KRW 800 Hotel (per night) KRW 50,000
Starbucks Café Latte (Tall) KRW 4,600 Coke(1.5liter) KRW 2,000 Monthly rent (Studio) KRW 350,000
Living costs
Communication/ Leisure Clothing and Shoes
Smart Phone Monthly Charges KRW 40,000 1 Pair of Nike Shoes KRW 200,000
Karaoke (per hour) KRW 10,000 1 Pair of Leather Shoes KRW 150,000
Cinema (per person) KRW 10,000 1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store KRW 70,000
Beauty Salon (Hair Cut) KRW 10,000 T- Shirt in roadshop KRW 8,000
Parcel Delivery (2kg) KRW 5,000 Flat Shoes in Roadshop KRW 30,000
Dry Cleaning KRW 6,000 Jeans in roadshop KRW 40,000

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