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E-1 Visa for Professors

E-1 visa is for an individual who seeks to give lectures or conduct a special study at a college or a university in Korea.


  1. 1)How to Apply
    • Applicant : the person himself/herself
    • Where to apply : Local embassy or the consulate of the Republic of Korea
  2. 2)Required Documents
    • Passport
    • Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
    • Certificate of Career
    • Copy of Certificate of Degree (must bring original to prove the copy’s authenticity)
    • Certificate of Employment or Confirmation of Expected Employment
    • Agreement of Exchange & a Warrant of Detachment (if there is an agreement of exchange professorship between concerned universities/colleges)
    • Copy of Business Registration of education institute
    • Letter of Recommendation from the Minister of Science and Technology for the high-quality human resources of science (if applicable)
    • Fee (single-entry visa: USD50, multiple-entry visa:USD80)

If an applicant already has a Certificate of Visa Issuance or Certification Number of Visa Issuance, he/she only needs to submit passport, application of visa issuance, and a Certificate of Visa Issuance or Certification Number of Visa Issuance.

The process to apply for a certificate of recognition of visa issuance

  1. 1)How to Apply
    • Applicant : a person himself/herself or the inviting party When a faculty staff is applying as a representative, the document of representative, a working certificate and a copy of ID are submitted.
    • Where to apply : local immigration office or branch office
  2. 2)Required Documents: refer to the required documents listed above

    1 color photos of the applicant are needed when applying for the certificate of recognition of visa issuance

    • size : 3.5㎝ x 4.5㎝
    • Photos must have been taken within the past 6 months.
    • Printed photographs are not accepted
    • Bright background is preferred over a dark one.

    ※ Application for the visa can be made at the embassy or the consulate of the Republic of Korea after the applicants get a certificate of recognition of visa issuance or certification No. of visa issuance


Professors who wish to continue their lecturing or study activities beyond their valid visa period are required to apply for visa extension.

  1. 1)Required Documents
    • Application form
    • Passport
    • Alien Registration Card
    • Employment contract
    • Fee (KRW30,000)

    ※ Application for the visa extension is available from two months before the expiry date. Penalties will be charged when the application for extension is made after the expiry date.

Required documents may change depending on individual circumstances. For further information, please contact Daegu Immigration Office
Tel. 1345 (no area code)
Source of Information: Hi Korea (

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