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E-3 for Researcherss

E-3 visa is for an individual who seeks to engage in research activities in a research institute or respective college department in Korea.


  1. 1)How to Apply
    • Applicant : the person himself/herself
    • Where to apply : The embassy or the consulate of the Republic of Korea
  2. 2)Required Documents
    • Passport (Photocopy if applying for the certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
    • Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
    • Documents related to the foundation of inviting organization (a copy of Business Registration, a copy of certificate acknowledging attachment to corporation)
    • A certificate of degree and career
    • Contract of employment
    • Fee (single-entry visa: $50 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $80 (USD))


Researchers who are seeking to continue their research activities in SNU beyond valid visa period are required to extend visa for the research activities.

  1. 1)Required Documents
    • Application form
    • Passport
    • Alien Registration Card
    • An employment contract or confirmation of pre-arranged appointment
    • A letter of consent from former workplace
    • A recommendation letter for employment from Minister of Science and Technology (if applicable)
    • Fees (60,000KRW)

    ※ Application for the visa extension is available from two months before the expiry date. Penalties will be charged when the application for extension is made after the expiry date.

Required documents may change depending on individual circumstances. For further information, please contact Daegu Immigration Office
Tel. 1345 (no area code)
Source of Information: Hi Korea (

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