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Visiting Scholar Program


To encourage collaboration between partner institutions and provide a special international education experience for KNU students. It is also hoped that visiting scholars will explore possible research links with their host department during their stay at KNU, and encourage further collaboration on student and faculty levels once they return to their own institution.

Subject Areas

Applicants can either choose a course from the KNU Course List given below or propose their own course. (N.B. Due to advance summer school planning issues, priority will be given to applicants who choose courses from the KNU Course List).

Teaching Commitment

Each visiting scholar will be required to teach 1 three-credit course (45 hours of class contact) over a period of 3 weeks, which is scheduled as 3-hour classes, Monday through Friday(9-12am). KNU offers the summer program only from 2014.

Class Information

TTo attract a broader range of students, we prefer visiting scholars to teach introductory-level courses that do not have prerequisites, although this can be discussed further with the host department. Where possible, we would like to encourage the use of interactive teaching methods. Given the short duration of the summer/winter sessions, we prefer that students are given handouts, instead of being required to purchase a text book.
N.B. In rare cases, a course may be cancelled due to insufficient student registration.

Date for VSP 2017

  • Summer Session: June 26 ~ July 14, 2017
  • Closing ceremony and one-day trip will be scheduled on July 17, 2017

Financial Arrangements

KNU will provide

Fixed amount for roundtrip airfare (paid upon arrival)

Country / Region Flight Subsidy
North America, Europe, Oceania $2,000
South America, Africa $2,500
China, Japan $600
Middle East, Central Asia $1,500
India $1,000
Other Asian Countries $800
  • Campus accommodation (up to 25 days)
  • Stipend of $2,500 – (paid at the end of the course)
  • Scholars must have an appropriate visa to receive the stipend(C-4)

Cultural Experience

Various cultural excursions will be arranged during the summer session, along with the chance to attend introductory Korean language classes.

Application Procedure

Please apply online before December 16, 2016.The final selection results will be announced via individual email by January 13, 2017.

KNU Course List

The Visiting scholars can either choose one of KNU's designated course list below or teach his/her own expertise.

KNU Course List
No Class Code Class Title
1 CLTR717 Global Society
2 CLTR718 Global History
3 CLTR719 Global Economy
4 CLTR720 Global Business
5 CLTR721 Global Culture
6 CLTR722 Global Innovation
7 CLTR723 Global Affairs
8 CLTR724 Global Communications
9 CLTR730 Understanding Int‘l Development Cooperation
10 CLTR061 Understanding Politics
11 CLTR067 Understanding Sociology
12 CLTR078 Understanding Psychology
13 CLTR082 Mass Communications and Society
14 CLTR083 Understanding Economics
15 CLTR301 Korean Lanauge 1
16 CLTR351 Academic Writing and Study Skills
17 CLTR352 Business Comminication and Writing Skills
18 CLTR361 South Korea and International Relations
19 CLTR359 Korea in Motion: Korean Film and the Korean Wave
20 CUCD301 Korean Language Culture Studies