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School of Public Administration

School of Public Administration Introduction

The KNU School of Public Administration was founded in 1971. Our mission as a prominent program in public administration & policy is to train and educate students to be higher civil servants and leaders in both public and private sectors. A number of our undergraduates have played important roles as leaders in various fields: colleges, governments, firms, research institutes, etc.
We require a minimum of 35 (* 45 from 2012) credits in the field of public administration. The curriculum is composed of various subjects in public administration: general public administration and policy, public organization, public finance, local autonomy, and urban planning. We have two Majors from 2009 : in Public Management & in Public Policy. The faculty is composed of fifteen professors who play a leading role in the school of public administration.
As one of the top public administration programs in South Korea, the KNU School of Public Administration is proud of its high national ranking, as shown in the public administration school rankings in Korea by JoongAng Daily in 2005. The program was the second for educational atmosphere, the fifth for alumni reputation, and the sixth in the Higher State Examination.

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