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College of Ecology and Environmental Science

Recently, the Korean government has formulated “Green Korea” as the vision for the country’s environmental policy. Accordingly, the government shall promote various policies for developing land-based symbiotic environments that harmonize nature with human beings, in meeting the requirements for the people’s ecological and environmental demands, and in promoting the ecological and environmental industry as a new growth engine.

Approaches to ecological and environmental sciences in modern society do not require only the contributions of advanced technological and engineering achievements in the natural sciences of the twentieth century. In conjunction with approaches from the humanities and social sciences, they also involve imperatives toward a more efficient connection and integration of education and research in order to maintain a sustainable society and to develop land-based spaces through the conservation, planning, management, and restoration of the environment and ecosystem.

With such significant demands from modern society, the College of Ecology and Environmental Science of Kyungpook National University was established for the purpose of strengthening research capabilities in the future-oriented areas of oceanography, animal bioscience, ecotourism, and leisure sports; fostering good students and experts in order to respond to the requirements from local industries; and contributing to the development of local communities.

The College of Ecology and Environmental Science includes the following cources and departments:
● School of Ecology & Environmental System (Major in Plant Resources Environment, Major in Forest Environmental Science)
● School of Ecological Environment & Ecotourism (Major in Applied Biology, Major in Ecological Environment, Major in Eco-tourism)
● Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology (Major in Animal Science, Major in Animal Biotechnology)
● Department of Leisure Sports
● Department of Oceanography

Our college, which has two departments, offers three major fields of specialization and has 1,400 undergraduate and 60 postgraduate students. To support experiments and research projects, we have a research and experimental farm, an animal research farm, the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Science, and the Institute of Equine Industry.

The College of Ecology and Environmental Science provides visions for the future, formulates theories in the above subject areas, and is devoted toward nurturing global talents needed for the twenty-first century. In doing so, our college has become the best college in the field of ecology and environmental science, playing a central role in these subject areas.

Undergraduate Programs
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