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Saemaul Training for Foreign Students 2016
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Saemaul Training for Foreign Students 2016


As the driving force of Korea’s modernization, Saemaul Undong(SMU) has been recommended by the United Nations(UN) as the development model to overcome poverty. There have been continuous requests from many underdeveloped countries to share the SMU development experience.


Under these circumstances, the Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute(SUCTI) is planning to conduct a Saemaul training program for foreign students studying in Korea, so that these students will learn to become competent leaders of their countries.


We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in publicizing this training program to the foreign students studying in your university to help more students enjoy the opportunity to participate in this Saemaul training program.


Program Description


1. Perspective students: Foreign students from developing countries as categorized by the United Nations


2. Required language: English or Korean


3. Period: November 10 to 12 (3days and 2 nights overnight training program)


4. Venue: Saemaul Undong Central Training Institute (Address: 200, Yuldong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


5. Curriculum: Saemaul Undong Lectures, Group discussion session, Video Presentations, Saemaul Museum tour, etc.


6. Training fee: Free


7. Others: Traffic expenses will be covered by SUCTI, Students will be given certificate of achievements and souvenirs


8. How to apply: Fill out the “Application Form” and email (to it with scanned copies of your “Student ID” and “Alien Registration Card” by November 1 or contact your student administration office. First comers have the priority.


9. Contact: Mr. Lim, 031-780-7844  for further inquiries


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