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KNU Selected as University Center of SW Development and Education
Kyungpook National University has been selected as a university center of SW education and development by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. As such, KNU will oversee initiatives to increase the SW competitiveness of the country, its companies, and students, reflecting a need among industry for innovation in SW education.
Of the 40 universities who applied for this project, eight were selected, including KNU. Selected universities will receive 6 billion won in the first year (the preparation phase), plus an additional 2 billion won, per university, per year for the next two to six years (the full operational phase).
As part of the initiative, a six-story IT Convergence center will be completed by January 2017 in order to improve the campus’s SW education and training environment with state-of-the-art training equipment and materials valued at approximately 20 billion won.
Kyungpook National University is also planning to establish the direct-general SW educational center to oversee university education in the field of SW-based fusion. Through the center, KNU plans to train specialists in new SW educational models and provide students with practical SW competencies, creating at least five SW-linked majors and enabling all students to receive SW education.
In addition to new courses focused on training, KNU will also endeavor to provide more English-based SW courses; various teaching and learning improvement programs; strengthen and expand overseas internship opportunities; provide more SW education programs focusing on lifelong learning, and establish various other programs designed to engage the public.
President Dongchul Son said “Training human resources and enhancing various majors with SW capabilities is one of the important steps for our country to become a center of social SW. KNU has been driving national IT development and IT specialization for the last 40 years. Based on a solid infrastructure, the university will become a center of SW education to nurture future SW talent who will lead the SW oriented society”.
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