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2015 GS Caltex Global Internship
2015 GS Caltex Global Internship
1. Qualification
1) Job description: Develop new markets and sell polymer products to Mexico or lubricant products to Russia
2) Graduated with Bachelor or Master’s degree or will graduate in Aug. 2015 or Feb. 2016* Specific majors, language qualifications and fluency in Korean are not required
3) Proficiency in English, Russian or Spanish is preferred
4) D-2 or D-10 visa is required
2. Recruitment Process
CEO Interview
At the end of November
29th June ~ 21st August(8 weeks)
1st week of JunePresentation & Interview(English)
23th May Personality test (English version)
at Samshin High-school
13th April ~ 30th AprilOn-line applicationon homepage
3. Internship Program
1) Internship period: 29th June ~ 21st August (8 weeks)
2) Pay: \2,700,000/8 weeks
3) Program: Work on mini-project connected to the main job and have presentation about the result ofthe project to leaders of the department at the end of the internship period
4. Others
1) Application form is written in Korean, but you can fill out in English.
2) Enquiry:
3) For further details about our company, please refer to recruitment board on GS Caltex homepage (
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12 HYUNDAI ENGINEERING 외국인 유학생 채용 2015.10.23 16599
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2015 GS Caltex Global Internship  2015.04.16 67039
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7 2014 K-water Global Internship Recruiting 2014.05.19 86548
6 Job Opening for English Editor at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 2014.01.24 91641
5 Assistant Professor of Clinical Oncology in the Vetmeduni Vienna 2013.05.06 94228
4 Assistant Professor of Antibiotic Resistance in the Vetmeduni Vienna 2013.05.06 95257
3 Professor of Protein Biochemistry at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna 2013.03.04 98048
2 Hyundai AMCO 2012.08.23 107659
1 TOVIS 2012.08.23 102430
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