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KNU student of the Month - Daekeun Chae

Chae Dae Keun is a student from Daegu, South Korea, who is currently studying a double major in Korean Literature in Classical Chinese and Chinese Language & Literature.  He chose to study abroad at Zhengzhou University, which is ranked 61st out of the 2,236 universities in China, in the Henan province to learn more about the Chinese language, the history and literature of China, and to see more of the world.  He took undergraduate courses in history and literature with the consent of his professors, because he was unable to register before the year started.  He found the learning process in this college to be much better than in South Korea.  He felt like he was learning because there was a need and a desire to learn, not because he was being forced to only get good grades.  xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Most of his learning was done outside of school, in fact.  Getting a part-time job at a hotel was helpful in learning about the Chinese lifestyle, and weeklong trips every month were great chances to learn about China’s history, culture and politics.  The hardest part of living in China was not being able to completely communicate in Chinese for the first semester, because the language was difficult to learn.  He made friends, however, by using body language and imitating the local habits and behavior. 

When he was not in school, Dae Keun went downtown with his friends or spent time in the markets.  The most memorable experience, according to Chae Dae Keun, was the time he was a part of Chinese Central Television’s program Chinese Bridge.  This is a show where international students compete against each other for the chance to win an academic scholarship.  He was very nervous before he started, even to the point of a cold sweat, but he went through with it. Unfortunately, he did not win the competition, but, he said, he “would regret it forever if he did not take the chance”. 

To students considering going to a foreign country he offers advice with the Confucian proverb “知之者 不如好之者 好之者 不如樂之者,” which means, “a genius cannot win against a person making an effort, and a person making an effort cannot win against a person enjoying something.”  He also encourages them to realistically think about what activities they will enjoy and what challenges they will find joy in overcoming.
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