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Student of the Month - Li Ying
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             One decision can change your life forever. Five years ago, Li Ying set out a journey from her hometown, Zibo in the ShanDong Province to study at Kyungpook National University. Through ups and downs and long nights in the library, she is currently in her second semester as a graduate student in the KNU School of Korean Education.


             Following high school, Ying entered KNU’s Language Institution to learn Korean. According to Ying, her time there was a defining moment in her life: “The time I spent in the language institution was unforgettable. The teachers there were so kind and I made many friends there.” She recalls receiving the school's academic scholarship, exclaiming: “It was the first time I got a scholarship in my life”.


             Following her graduation from The KNU Language Institute, Li Ying continued on to KNU's School of Korean Language and Literature as an undergraduate student. During her 2011-2012 semesters she participated in an intensive English language program at the University in Queensland and studied Economics for a semester as an exchange student at University of Gdansk, Poland.


             Ying is an active individual with an equally outgoing personality. She loves to try new things and walk in new directions. With friends she enjoys swimming and playing Ping-Pong. On he own she jogs, does calligraphy, and practices the xiao or shaft flute. Ying also actively volunteers and travels when she can. She has been to Europe and Australia as well as all over Korea. One of her favorite travel memories was her trip to Yeongdeok of which she describes the food and aquatic landscape as "breath-taking".


             Looking back, Li Ying remembers an old saying which says, “A person can never be fully developed unless he or she has obtained a wide view about the world outside.” She elaborates, "Of course when I first came to this country, everything was new and strange for me. During the past five years, I learned how to solve different kinds of problems I faced, and how to be strong enough to deal with the difficulties by myself. I think all of those experiences were precious for me in my life.
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