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Faculty of the Month - Vyacheslav Tuzlukov

Professor Vyacheslav Tuzlukov is a professor at the Department of Communications and Information Technologies, School of Electronics Engineering, College of IT Engineering. He obtained his PhD from Belarusian State University in 1990. After completing his academic studies, he spent much of his time working on military projects. When he felt there was no more to be done in these environments, he got a job with a Japanese university before coming to Korea in 2003. After holding consecutive positions at Ajou University and Yeungnam University Professor Tuzlukov found a home at KNU.

Professor Tuzlukov is an active member of the IT community here at KNU, working with signal processing and communication projects on campus. He is an author more than 200 journal and conference papers and 10 monographs on signal processing in radar and communications. He and his students are currently designing radar driving safety systems for SL Inc., located in Gyeongsan, and have advanced their technology to predict what is surrounding your car.

Dr. Tuzlukov is no stranger to working in the technological field. He was highly recommended by U.S. experts of Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E) of the United States Department of Defense as a recognized expert in the field of humanitarian demining and minefield sensing technologies and had been awarded by Special Prize of the United States Department of Defense in 1999. However, his hard work in furthering his research has left little time for other endeavors. For instance, he has had little time to study the Korean language, which he says, is perhaps the most difficult aspect of his life in Korea. 

Aside from his Korean language skills, all other aspects of his life in Korea have gone very well for Professor Tuzlukov.  He enjoys the natural environment that can be found throughout the country, and has discovered many beautiful locations during his weekend fishing trips in the mountains. He is appreciative enough of the Korean landscape to take the time to find scenic places which even his Korean colleagues have never seen. 

Professor Tuzlukov abides by the Russian saying: “A soldier who does not dream of being a general is a bad soldier.”  This is the attitude he has maintained in regards to his research and work.  He has already been awarded for his work in developing new technology, but he keeps on delving deeper into the field, wanting his own individual research to become successful. 

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