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Student of the Month - Antons Esaulenko

Antons Esaulenko is a mechanical engineering student whose studies focus on technical design and the property of materials.  He studies in Riga Technical University of Latvia, his native country.  Antons has many interests, including martial arts, science fiction, and travel, just to name a few. 

He considers himself lucky in that his interest in sci-fi overlaps with his intended career goal of improving space technology. Along these lines, he is currently involved in an educational project called “Space Challenges”; his particular part in this project involves satellite research and body structure engineering.  He is also a part of the Astronomy club here at KNU, and spends a portion of his time writing online sci-fi stories. His hope for the future is to help advance the technology related to space exploration. 

Mr. Esaulenko has taken an active interest in Korea. He says: “Every day I notice something brand-new and absolutely different.”  Even something as simple as watching the sunrise on campus is an inspiring and worthwhile experience.  An important factor in his decision to come to KNU is to experience a different country and culture, and to gain as much as he can from being in a new place and meeting new people.

Learning is important to him, whether from life experience or academics.  He accepts new information and ideas eagerly, which is made easier by the fact that he majors in a subject he enjoys.  But he is diligent in his studies, and does his best to do well in all areas, especially the ones he finds difficult.

Antons lives much of his life – both in and out of school – according to his passions, and eventually he hopes to apply this to his career.  Science, education, and being a part of a larger society shape the way he studies, travels, and spends his free time; he is even part of the Kiparang taekwondo club, stemming from a long-held interest of his.  Behind all this is an attitude of being fearless when trying new things and actively seeking ways to gain the most from them.

Antons Esaulenko’s science fiction stories can be read at

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