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Faculty of the Month - Sigger, Mark Halvor

           After receiving a PhD in Mathematics from Emory University in Atlanta, and doing post doctorates in Canada and the Czech Republic, Professor Siggers began looking for a job that would make life more comfortable for his Korean wife and their daughter. He finally found a position at Kyungpook National University, and made his first step toward building a life in Korea.


Professor Siggers has had an exciting professional career. As a result of one of his papers, several people have started to name a certain function of algebras after him: the Siggers Polymorphism.  However, according to Prof. Siggers, the most memorable moment of his career was, in fact, a failure.


During his first post-doc position, he believed he had proved Hedetniemi's Conjecture, a statement in graph theory concerning the connection between  a product of graphs and their chromatic numbers. Siggers and several respected mathematicians were convinced for weeks that they had solved it, until one day they found an error in his proof. “It was a very exciting couple of weeks” he recalls; “Though, I didn’t prove the conjecture, the techniques I used in my failed proof have been instrumental in several of the papers I have written since.  So even though it is punctuated with failure, it is a fond memory.”


             Professor Siggers admits that balancing research and teaching takes some getting used to. However, he is having a great time, and as a professor, he enjoys his students’ enthusiasm.  He states, “There is a lot of basic math to learn as an undergrad, and when you do not have the time to play with it properly, it can seem boring.  However, even the most basic class has extremely beautiful ideas.  To show these to students and to see them appreciate them is very rewarding.”  


As a researcher, he enjoys having the freedom to choose problems that interest him and to work on them as he likes.  He elaborates: “Between semesters, I can lock myself in my office for a week with only my whiteboards, a pot of coffee, and a stream of depressing music.  Sometimes it yields only that jittery feeling that drinking too much coffee yields, but occasionally it yields a new result.  Either way though, it is invigorating.”


             Outside the classroom or the office, Professor Siggers spends his days off with his daughter and his wife.  When he can, he volunteers at the local animal shelter and reads poetry to cats.  At the end of his day, he often goes for a run along the Shinchon River.


             If he were to give any advice, Professor Siggers recommends students and teachers to slow down and enjoy the present. “For an academic, there are always problems to think about and papers to be written.  But if we spend too much time worrying about our results, we start to hate the thing that got us into this.”


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