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KNU Student of the Month - Geummi Lee
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                  Geummi Lee is a Business Administration major from Daegu. Her plans for a global career led to her participating in the exchange student program at Mississippi State University (MSU) where she was able to experience a lot of things and meet a lot of international people.  Geummi believes that everything about this program was worthwhile, from the education she received, to the socializing and the cultural exchange. 


                  During her time at MSU, Geummi took courses in marketing/economics and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages); and took part in the Montgomery Leadership Program, where she mentored other students and put together a Capstone project.  According to Geummi, the TESOL part was the most enjoyable. Geummi explains that her classmates were from many different age groups, from peers all the way to senior citizens.  She says that one of the nice things about taking the course was the opportunity it gave her to share and discuss ideas, unlike most business classes.  It also allowed her to make a close friend.  For an entire year, Geummi was paired with another exchange student from Colombia as conversation partners. 


                During her year abroad, Geummi experienced many things she believes she would not have been able to in Korea.  The content of the classes was similar to that of KNU, but some things were very different.  One important difference is that MSU students need to take up to five exams for each class in addition to numerous quizzes and homework assignments.  Another new aspect was the extra credit assignments that made things a little easier by giving people a chance to improve their grades if they missed a few assignments, or even a quiz.  In lower level classes, professors would often allow a person to skip a final exam if their grade for the year was good. 


Geummi also had great cultural experiences as well.  She had two faculty roommates who decided to arrange a potluck meal every Friday.  A lot of different people would come to these dinners, many of them from different age groups, nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures that Geummi was not familiar with. This made it easy to meet new people, try new food, and make friends with lots of different people. 


While attending MSU, Geummi Lee was also part of the Entrepreneurship club, a club for people who have started or who want to start their own business.  She took part in the “Embarking” program, which is a kind of field trip to successful local businesses.  These experiences provided a lot of useful knowledge for a Business Administration major, especially one who is interested in a global career.


There were a lot of aspects to enjoy and appreciate during her time at MSU.  Geummi Lee went to this new place with an attitude she recommends to all students who want to go abroad: be brave, embrace differences, and believe in yourself. 
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