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KNU Student of the Month - Chanhwan Choi

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            Chanhwan Choi has been studying as an IT Technology major at KNU since 2007, and during that time, he has worked tirelessly to achieve two goals: to become a KNU ambassador and to study abroad. Choi's time at Budapest University of Technology &Economics in Hungary allowed him to not only complete his second goal, but to also have the experience of a lifetime.


             When Chanhwan applied for the study abroad program, he was accepted to go to either Budapest University of Technology & Economics in Hungary or Warsaw University in Poland. While Warsaw University, with its great academic curricula and long history seemed like a good place to study, Choi feared Poland's harsh winters and thought it was best to study in Hungary.

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             While in Budapest, Chanhwan became interested in engineering and followed a recommended electrical engineering curriculum. The lectures he took provided an open atmosphere with a minimal number of students compared with many courses in the field taught at Korean universities. He could freely raise his hand during the lecture and ask his professor about anything he was curious about. At first he had a lot of difficulty communicating in English. But, he says, the deficiency motivated him to try harder, and by the end of his time there, he felt much more comfortable in his second language.


             Between semesters, Chanhwan devoted an entire month to travel. He travelled through Germany, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, the UK and Egypt. During this time he challenged himself by doing things such as scuba diving, riding a hot-air balloon, and camping in the Sahara Desert. According to Chanhwan, those challenges were a really exciting time in his life, and he hopes he can experience them again in the future.


             Chanhwan urges anyone who wants to study abroad to have a specific plan. "Any plan to study abroad will be rewarding - you can meet lots of friends, and travel. But having a specific goal will make a big difference. It can even change your life."

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