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Faculty of the Month - Rammohan Mallipeddi
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After completing his Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Acharya Nagarajuna University in India, Dr. Rammohan Mallipeddi made a move to Singapore in order to study for a Master’s Degree, and subsequently a PhD. During his time at the Nanyang Technological University, Dr. Mallipeddi was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Professor Kalyana Veluvolu, an Associate Professor within the School of Electronics Engineering here at KNU. After hearing about the exciting opportunities available at KNU, Dr. Mallipeddi made the decision to move to Korea, jumping at the chance to work at the Artificial Brain Research Lab at KNU as a post-doctoral fellow. Then, in September 2012, Dr Mallipeddi’s current position as an Assistant Professor in the School of Electronics opened up and he was all too pleased when he granted the position.

Dr. Mallipeddi says that being in the initial stages of his teaching career, he spends most of his time preparing for classes. Although the language barrier is something that requires extra effort to overcome, Dr. Mallipeddi sees is as a challenge, rather than a barrier, spending extra time taking Korean language classes organized by the Office of International Affairs. “In Korea, the language barrier sometimes restricts me in expressing myself. I consider it as a hurdle but not a serious issue. However, this helps me to explore alternate ways to express myself during teaching and when sharing research.”

Apart from the academic work he performs within his field of interest, Dr Mallipeddi is a dedicated teacher, who is excited about working with students. Sharing the results of his research with students is something which Dr Mallipeddi describes as the best part of his job. His dedication shows when he remembers a particular student with physical disabilities whom he personally tutored for three years, as she strove towards graduation. “I am not sure how much my teaching helped her, but the way she expressed her gratitude gave me immense satisfaction.”

In terms of his long-term goals at KNU, Dr Mallipeddi shows once more that he is equally passionate about teaching students as he is conducting new and innovative research. “I feel that to obtain quality research outcomes, it is essential to have a good lab and a good team of research students, which is conducive to good research.” And of course, he says, continuing to play cricket with some of the Indian students and faculty!
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