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Faculty of the Month - Andrew Finch

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When asked about his favorite aspects of life in the land of the morning calm, Dr. Finch lists many things that may not seem like obvious benefits; “As an Englishman, I am used to complaining about the trains and the weather, so I am always impressed by the efficient rail system, the four distinct seasons, and the welfare system in Korea.” Since coming to Korea in 1989, Dr. Finch has embraced the Korean lifestyle, culture, and even language, earning a level three certificate on the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

Although Dr. Finch has embraced life in this country, his academic career in fact began in the U.K. After completing a B.A. in Music followed by an M.A. in 20th Century music at Bristol University, Dr. Finch then obtained a further qualification in Music Education from Birmingham University. Continuing his extensive list of accomplishments, Dr. Finch also has a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a M. Ed. in English Language Teaching, and finally, a Ph. D. in English Language Program Design and Evaluation which he obtained from Manchester University in 2000.

With such an extensive academic record, on top of being a Tenured Professor in the Department of English Education here at KNU, one might wonder how Dr. Finch has time to relax, let alone pursue any personal hobbies. However, outside of preparing for classes and writing course books for the Freshman English Program of which he is a joint supervising professor, there are a great number of hobbies with Dr. Finch finds the time to pursue. Swimming, yoga, and hiking are all forms of exercise which the professor pursues, which fit into his personal motto (borrowed from the shoe brand, Asics), “Anima sana in corpore sano”, or, in other words “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

             As someone who has devoted his life to teaching others, Dr. Finch has had some interesting learning experiences of his own. Perhaps something which has contributed to Dr. Finch’s efforts towards gaining so many qualifications is a lesson he learned from his teacher as a young boy. After breaking his leg in two places, and taking a six month leave of absence from school, the young Dr. Finch sat on the sidelines instead of participating in a sports competition. “A teacher came up to me and asked me if I intended to use that excuse for the rest of my life. This was like a light going on for me. It showed me that there are no excuses. We make our lives through our own efforts.”
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