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Faculty of the Month - William Hunsaker


                 William Hunsaker, Assistant Professor of the School of Business Administration at Kyungpook National University, came to Korea almost 25 years ago on the advice of a friend. Originally planning to become a Certified Practicing Accountant after his Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and MBA at Utah State University in the US, Professor Hunsaker ended up working in management for the Hanwa group, here in Korea. After some time lecturing at Korea University, a further stint in banking, and earning a PhD, Dr. Hunsaker made the move to KNU in 2007. “My first experience teaching at KNU in 2007 was a memorable time. I fell in love with Daegu and the chance to influence my students. I also felt a strong camaraderie with my fellow professors. I am sure that this experience created the foundation and opportunity to come to KNU once again as a full-time professor.
Dr. Hunsaker is currently focusing his lecturing work on organizational behavior (OB) and strategic management. These two fields link together with his specialty of organizational leadership and equity analysis, providing students with a balance between theory and practical application. Dr Hunsaker’s primary guiding principle behind his pedagogical practice is the idea that it is important to maintain a close link between theory and practice, otherwise he finds that students often forget the studied concepts immediately. Therefore, he takes great care to fine-tune the combination of these two types of learning in his courses.
                  When not at work however, Dr. Hunsaker has two main hobbies: exploring Korea on his mountain bike, and watching Korean dramas. Despite the number of years Dr. Hunsaker has lived in Korea, having a Korean wife and children who have grown up in Korea, and being told that he speaks excellent Korea, he believes that no foreigner can truly grasp the cultural subtleties of speaking Korean in a natural and fluent manner. 

                  When asked about his personal philosophy of life, Dr. Hunsaker spoke of looking to the future; “As individuals, we should not let our past hold us back. What's happened, has happened. Instead, we should focus on the fond memories of the past to lift our hopes and convictions for a brighter future, while at the same time enjoying the present. Challenges must be overcome as they arise. The key is balance. Looking back with regret will seldom provide the motivator for future success. Indeed, when we focus too much of our time and energy on either the past, present, or future, we lose our balance. In losing our balance, our life becomes less fulfilling and more stressful.”xml:namespace prefix = o />


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