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KNU Student of the Month - Yujung Han
Going abroad has been a lifelong dream of KNU student Yujung Han. Last year her dream came true when she was accepted as an exchange student at the University of Arkansas in the United States to study her major – Business Administration – and English. The two courses that she took in English helped to improve not only her speaking skills but her academic writing abilities. It also enabled her to meet foreign friends and take part in lots of group activities. As for her major subjects, Yujung says “as I study Business, I took a Business Foundation course and a Consumer Behavior course. The University of Arkansas is especially famous for its Business school, whose founder Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart. I felt honored to study there with great faculties and students”.
Perhaps the biggest cultural surprise for Yujung – apart from the lack of spicy Korean food – was the differences between the teaching environment at the University of Arkansas and the teaching environment at KNU. She says “I was shocked when American students stopped a professor who was speaking to ask questions. It was not rude at all, it was a way to participate in the class”. According to Yujung, this is something that would never happen within a classroom at KNU. While she agrees that there are strengths and weaknesses in both teaching styles, she particularly enjoyed the examination method at the University of Arkansas, which she felt placed a heavier emphasis on testing students’ core knowledge rather than comparing students’ scores to one another as is often the purpose of Korean exams.
In her spare time Yujung enjoyed ice skating, movie nights, Spring Break holiday with her roommate, shopping, hiking and just hanging out with her new friends. One of her fondest memories is the trip she took to New York City; however, she adds, “I cannot pick the most memorable experience because every day was memorable. I totally enjoyed life there. I counted every 153 days there, because every day was so important to me”.
According to Yujung, the experiences students have as exchange students depend on what they choose to experience. Her experiences focused on improving her English skills and experiencing foreign culture as much as possible. As for recommendations to other potential exchange students, Yujung says that all students should have a goal in mind for their exchange experience and work towards achieving it.
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