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Job Openings

Professor of Protein Biochemistry at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


Professor of Protein Biochemistry
at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

in accordance with § 99 of the 2002 Universities Act

The Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is seeking applications for the position of Professor of Protein Biochemistry.


Responsibility for the field with regard to research, teaching, training and provision of services.  The successful candidate should develop an independent research programme and should strengthen the focal areas of research at the Department and the University.

Ideally candidates will have balanced research experience in the area of functional protein-protein interactions relating to infection biology (host-pathogen interactions) and/or the biology of cellular signalling networks. The incumbent will be expected to collaborate with the clinical units working on veterinary medicine or with laboratory animal models and to take an interdisciplinary approach applicable to human medicine.

Teaching duties will encompass teaching on the courses of veterinary medicine & biomedicine and biotechnology.


a)  Study of Veterinary Medicine or Medicine or completed study in the area of natural sciences with a focus on protein biochemistry (with a “Habilitation” or equivalent qualification)

b)  Proven experience in education (teaching ability)

c)  Independent scientific activity in at least one area of surgery, as demonstrated by publications in reputable and internationally recognized journals

d)  Connections to international research

e)  Ability to attract appropriate third-party funding

f)   Managerial qualifications, good levels of organizational and communication skills

Salary level

The position will be associated with a full-time contract of employment and will be assigned to category A1 of the collective contract for university employees. The collective contract foresees a minimum monthly salary of (€ 4571.20) payable 14 times per year.  It may be possible to negotiate a higher salary during the hiring process.

In accordance with § 41 of the 2002 Universities Act, the University is attempting to increase the proportion of female employees, particularly in managerial positions, and to employ a balanced number of women and men, especially in scientific positions.  For this reason, applications from qualified female scientists are particularly encouraged. If the qualifications of a female candidate and a male candidate are assessed as equivalent, the female applicant will be preferentially recruited unless there are particular reasons for appointing the best qualified male applicant instead.

Applications should be in writing and accompanied by the normal supporting documentation (cv, list of publications, summary of previous research and teaching activities, description of experience in organization and management, the three publications that the candidate feels are of highest quality). They should be submitted by 2.4.2013 and addressed to:

Büro des Senates der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien, Veterinärplatz 1,
A-1210 Wien, Austria (sent electronically to

There is no charge for submitting applications.

The Vetmeduni Vienna is proud to have been awarded the certificate “berufundfamilie” (career and family) and so would be pleased to receive applications from candidates with families.  Applications from people with special needs are also welcome.