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Exciting New Hire - Dustin Waters

The KNU Office of International Affairs is excited to announce the recent hiring of Dustin Waters, a valuable addition to the already talented staff.  Dustin first came to Kyungpook National University in 2003 as an exchange student.  He studied International Business and Korean Language before returning to the University of Hawaii to finish his undergraduate degree.

Dustin went on to get his masters in Education and made his return to KNU as a professor for the College of Humanities in 2014. During his four years as a professor, he taught Freshman English, Practical English, and Business English.  He also spent much of his time at the International Writing Center and heading the KNU Merriment Committee.  

Now, Dustin has joined the Office of International Affairs as an International Program Advisor, utilizing his Korean language skills, his interpersonal skills, and his experience as an exchange student to Kyungpook National University to help both student and department alike in reaching their common goal: Student Success.  We are all pleased to have him working with us.

If you see Dustin around campus, be sure to say "hi" and to give him a wave!
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