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KNU Library Offers Online Book Reservations

ATTN: This Service Has Ended

Kyungpook National University Library began a walk-through online book reservation service on April 6.  The service was implemented to support book loans by students and professors as the temporary closure of the library was extended due to COVID 19.  

Students and professors can reserve books online through the library’s website and pick them up the next day between 13:00 and 17:00.  A maximum of three books will be allowed per person.

When visiting the library, masks must be worn and temperature must be checked in order to gain entrance.  For book return, there will be an unmanned book return box installed at the entrance of the library.  Additionally, Kyungpook National University Library will increase the limit on e-books to 10.

Myungnam Park, Director of the Academic Information Development Division, clarified “This service is being implemented to support the learning of students who are taking online classes and professors doing research.  In the future, we will continue to find ways to fully utilize information resources while minimizing face-to-face contact.”

ATTN: This Service Has Ended
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