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KNU Welcomes 19th President

KNU Welcomes 19th President: Dr. Won-hwa HONG

October 21, 2020 saw the inauguration of Kyungpook National University’s 19th president, Dr. Won-hwa Hong.  Dr. Hong hails from the College of Engineering, School of Architecture, and will hold the position of President for the next four years.  The inauguration ceremony is set to be held on November 24.

Won-hwa Hong, the new president of KNU said “I will lay a strong foundation with the members of Kyungpook National University to create a new 100 years of KNU leading the change.  We will build the innovation platform of education and research required in the Forth Industrial Revolution and post-COVID era.  Furthermore, I will lead the development of the community by establishing an innovative industry-academic cooperation network linked to the community.  I am well aware of everyone’s expectations for Kyungpook National University.  We will maintain the pride of Kyungpook National University, which is as hot as ever, with great strength in its interest and support.”

Won-hwa Hong, the new president, graduated from KNU in 1986 and went on to Waseda, Japan to receive his masters and Ph.D.  He served as the head of the engineering division of the basic research headquarters in the Korea Research Foundation, was a member of the Presidential Committee on National Building Policy, served as a member of the National Safety and Security Ministry’s Disaster and Safety Technology Development Project, and until now, was the chairman of the engineering division committee of the Standards and Classification Review Committee of the Education Unit of the Korean Council for University Education, and a member of the fourth basic research project promotion committee of the Ministry of Science, ICT.  At Kyungpook National University, he has served as a professor of architecture at the College of Engineering since 1999, serving as the head of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation, the head of the Industrial-Academic Research Department, and the head of the College of Engineering.