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KNU and Ministry of Ed. Final Candidates for Support Center

Kyungpook National University and the Ministry of Education were selected as candidates for the Daegu – Kyungpook Region Project for a Regional Graduate Education Support Center

Kyungpook National was selected as a finalist candidate to operate the “Regional Graduate Education Support Center” organized by the Ministry of Education and the Korean Educational Research and Information Service.

The project, which will begin promotion this year, aims to enhance the quality of remote classes at universities through various roles such as the establishment of a joint-use learning management system (LMS) and video production room, as well as the development of class materials by designating remote education support centers in 10 regions nationwide:  The Capital Area, Gangwon, Chungbuk, Daejeon, Sejong, Chungnam, Jeonbuk, Gwangju, Jeonnam, Daegu, Gyeongnam, Busan and Jeju.  

Kyungpook National University was selected as an excellent association for remote classes in a consortium with Daegu University of Health, and will serve as a hub for linking and supporting universities and colleges in Daegu and Kyungpook Province to improve the quality of remote classes and innovate university classes at hand.

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