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KNU Opens the Global Plaza


KNU Opens the Global Plaza

KNU officially opened Global Plaza on March 27th, three years since construction of Global Plaza began in 2009. The 17-story building covered in glass and equipped with energy-saving facilities, cost a total of 45.6 billion won covering an area of 37,277㎡.

Global Plaza includes two international conference rooms, a 500-seat convention hall, a gallery for the university’s history and cooperating companies, and the new offices for the Faculty of Liberal Education, Office of Research and Industry-Acadmic Cooperation, and Office of International Affairs. In addition, it includes 35 research areas and even the Sky Lounge, a restaurant on the top floor.

The Global Plaza will facilitate KNU’s excellent industrial and academic research; as well as become the major conventional area for various international meetings. In addition, the school says with the Sky Lounge and other multipurpose meeting rooms, the Daegu campus will become more intimate for KNU students and the local community.

In-suk Hamm, president of KNU, commented on the opening of the new building saying that, “The KNU Global Plaza will help improve our university’s education and help the growth of the local area, showing to the world the limitless possibilities at our school.” “I will continue to work to make the Global Plaza a landmark of the Daegu·Kyungpook area.”

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