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Kyungpook National University's KEUDOS Program Comes into Effect


Kyungpook National University’s KEUDOS Program Comes into Effect


KNU was recently selected to participate in the “EU ICI Project” by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and a delegation of the European Union. In order to expand educational exchange and cooperation between Korea and the EU, the National Research Foundation of Korea and a delegation of the EU held a contest culminating at the end of March 2012 to recruit universities who would run the Industrialized Countries Instrument Education Cooperation Program, or ICI-ECP. 
In a consortium with Chonnam National University (CNU), KNU suggested “Korea-EU Degree Opportunities for Students” (KEUDOS), which is a 3+1 dual-degree program between Korean and EU Universities. The KEUDOS project was finally selected as the best program after an intense competition involving 10 other university consortiums and evaluation by the National Research Foundation of Korea and an official EU delegation.
Consequently, KNU and CNU will collaborate with five other European universities, namely Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary; Warsaw University and Warsaw University of Technology in Poland; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Northumbria University in the U.K. Starting from 2013, these universities will participate in a four year program of academic exchanges involving some 142 students and 20 faculty and staff members.
KNU will send 48 students and 8 faculty and staff members to participating international universities over the course of four years. In addition, some 58 European students will study at KNU. The KEUDOS program allows students with IT or business majors to obtain both Korean and European university degrees by completing 25% of their program curriculum at a partner university. The program is expected to help foster talented students with a higher degree of international competence.
With funding of 1.1 billion won (788,990 Euros) from the National Research Foundation of Korea and delegation of the EU, the seven Korean and European universities participating in the KEUDOS program will provide students with living expenses and roundtrip airfares in addition to the international academic credit they will earn.
Dr. Jong Hwa Park, Vice President for International Affairs at KNU, says “through the KEUDOS program, we expect to build a solid network between participating universities. This is not just a simple student exchange program. Granting double degrees will provide KNU students with high-quality education, and it will help the students find employment with Korean businesses in Europe. This is also going to foster the global competitiveness of KNU.”

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