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KNU and LG Display Co Ltd. Establish “Display Track” Job Training Program

Kyungpook National University Acting President, Dongchul Son, and LG Display  Co. Ltd. President and Representative Director, Sang-Beom Han have signed an agreement that will see the establishment of a new training program designed to select and cultivate outstanding personnel in the field of  IT display electronics.
The new program, titled “Display Track”, is a job training program which selects senior students in the electronics department of KNU’s IT College and enrolls them in a specialized curriculum covering basic electronic display theory and job training that will enable them to work as engineers in field of process and equipment.  Students who are selected for the program will also be given a special advantage for entrance to LG display after graduation and they can join a company after getting diverse education served by college and company.
Executive director of LG Display’s HR Division, Sung-Min Kim said that he participated in this program so that they could identify top students before graduation, which the company could then cultivate and recruit.
Under the agreement, LG Display Co Ltd. will provide students with special courses and training in subjects related to electronics engineering as recommended by KNU to give student practical exposure to the field and to enhance their professional qualifications.  In addition, during the semester vacation, the company will encourage students to take part in the “KIDS Display School” run by The Korea Information Display Society, allowing students to take lessons that extend beyond their regular university education.
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