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KNU Graduate, Bokyeong Park, Wins Third Prize at the 3rd International Conference on Bio-based Polym

Last August, KNU graduate Bokyeong Park, won third prize in the 3rd International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites held in Szeged, Hungary. The conference is an authoritative conference attended by many top European researchers in the field of eco-friendly materials, as well as the editor of European Polymer Journal. Park’s thesis was on the “effect of molecular weight and silk concentration on characteristics of electrospun silk fibroin web”, and is related with research regarding silk Nanoweb, a material widely used as medical tissue engineering supporter. Professor InCheol Um of KNU’s College of Agriculture and Life Science Bio-fiber Major said, that “In the Europe-centered international conference where 80% of participants are European researchers, a non-European presenter, winning 3rd place is a big success”, adding that “it means a lot that we have the technology to use silk in a variety of ways as a high-value-added medical material.” Bokyeong-Park, who graduated from KNU’s Undergraduate and Graduate School of Bio-fiber, is now preparing to take his PhD at a foreign university focusing on Nano-fiber with electric radiation.
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