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Kyungpook National University Selected to Receive the Ministry of Education’s “Program of Nation

The Korean Ministry of Education (MOE) has selected Kyungpook National University to be this year’s recipient of the “Program of National University for Innovation and Transformation” (PoINT) Grant, entitling KNU to subsidies of up to 701 Million won for the year.
KNU has been working closely with a number of Korean businesses on various initiatives and programs, including national projects such as the initiative for College of Humanities' Research and Education or “CORE”; and the Program for Industrial Needs - Matched Education (PRIME).
One of the reasons for the establishment of PoINT (one of the financial support structures of the MOE), is to enable schools such as KNU to become more independent by supporting them financially, thereby allowing them to implement changes and improvements where necessary. It also encourages schools to improve their education environment and education curricula, to achieve university system advancement
With the help of PoINT funding, KNU will be able to improve its education environment, enhance curricula, advance its management system, and oversee efforts to evaluate the efficiency of the accounting and finance department and ensure that it is free of corruption. Furthermore, KNU plans to enforce a new, multi-major system for promoting and developing basic studies.
Professor Sichul Lee, vice president for strategy and finance at KNU, pointed out that "KNU has been selected for four projects among the 2016 financial support structures of the MOE, which are giving major financial support this year, along with that received from PoINT. Additionally KNU was selected as a mid-sized project unit in the CK-1 Project (a regional university support initiative), under which KNU can get about 2 Billion won for three years”. Vice President Lee went on to say that “KNU will become a center that provides the high-quality education and research needed to lead regional and national development by successfully fulfilling this project."
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