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KNU Welcomes its First Honduran Exchange Students


KNU Welcomes its First Honduran Exchange Students

This semester Kyungpook National University welcomed its first Honduran exchange students. On the 2nd of September, UNITEC students Ricardo Escobar Murillo and Michelle Escobar Carias, both aged 21, and Andrea Coca, 23, began classes at KNU. This comes in the wake of an agreement signed with UNITEC late last year by KNU president In-suk Hamm, which focuses on cultivating Honduran talent internationally.

As the first beneficiaries of the agreement, Mr. Murillo, Ms
. Carias and Ms. Coca have enrolled in key programs offered by KNU, including the KNU Global Internship Program with WINITECH Co. Ltd. and NGO EMPATHY, as well as the Cross-Cultural Awareness Program (CCAP). They have also been awarded scholarships by top local firms HWASHIN Co. Ltd. and SEOBO Co. Ltd.

Mr. Murillo, who is doing an internship at WINITECH Co. Ltd. this semester, and who is involved in analyzing data and translating Korean into Spanish for a project focusing on Central America, considers himself a representative of his nation, and says that he is doing his best to adjust to the unfamiliar Korean culture.

Ms. Coca is taking part in the Cross-Cultural Awareness Program organized by UNESCO, and is studying business management at KNU. She says that she is impressed by Korea’s advanced finance market and policy for sustainable economic development. She is planning to apply for an internship at a multinational corporation or bank during the winter vacation.

According to Professor Keun-Bae Song, Vice President of KNU’s Office International Affairs, the exchange student agreement with UNITEC was orchestrated by Ok-Ryeol Kim, who, the VP adds, “is a great businessman among local top corporations and an honorary ambassador to Honduras”. Professor Song goes on to say that "[KNU has] various international programs with 342 Universities and laboratories in 51 countries. We will increase our competitiveness by enhancing those programs"

Reported by Eun-kyung Kim, 
Yeongnam Ilbo

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