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Vice presidents from four Australian universities visited KNU


On November 26, 2013 vice presidents from four Australian universities visited KNU to promote and strengthen educational cooperation, joint research, and strategic relations, in a meeting organized by the Korean and Australian Departments of Education.


The meeting was held as part of the 1st Korean-Australian Regional University Council gathering, with representatives from seven Korean universities and four Australian universities taking part.  The event took place over three days, with meetings at Pukyung University on the 25th, KNU and Keimyung Universities on the 26th, and Woosung University on the 27th.


In attendance were visiting representatives from the University of Ballarat, the University of New England, Central Queensland University, and Southern Cross University; all of which are affiliated with the Regional University Council of Australia.  The vice presidents of these universities met with KNU President In Suk Hamm on the 26th to share their opinions regarding various areas of interest, as well as to discuss future cooperation and exchange initiatives. 


During the meeting, KNU also introduced the university's main research status and international policies to the Australian delegates. According to Keun Bae Song, vice president for KNU’s Office of International Affairs, “This visit meant a lot because of the fact that representative regional universities from both countries came together to discuss the direction of future development”. The Vice President went on to say that from now on he would “increase academic exchange activities with Australian universities to enhance the global competitiveness of KNU students”
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