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KNU Secures Highest Funding for LINC Business Project


KNU Secures Highest Funding for LINC Business Project

Kyungpook National University (KNU) will secure the highest amount of government funding - 5.8 billion won per year for three years - after receiving a performance ranking of “excellent” in the second round of the Leading University Cooperation (LINC) Project.  xml:namespace prefix = o />


In the first round of the project (2012-2013), KNU was awarded 10 billion won. In the second round (2014-2017), KNU will be awarded 5.8 billion won per year for the next three years, for a five year total of 27.4 billion won.


For the LINC project, 15 skills-innovative universities that support both undergraduate and graduate students were chosen. Of these, only three universities, including KNU, received a ranking grade of “excellent”. Among national universities, Kyungpook National University is the only institution that received a ranking grade of “excellent” for skills innovation.


KNU’s top score is largely attributed to new business initiatives created through the project - namely 27 businesses established by KNU students, creating approximately 57 jobs, and producing some 1.3 billion won in sales and revenue.


According to KNU-LINC business manager, Dr. Seung Ho Kim, business initiatives based on the demands of students and industries led to the high ranking score. Dr. Kim went on to say that in the second round of the LINC Business Project, focus would shift to the local economy: “We are planning to develop local economy by enlarging employment-supporting infrastructure and vitalizing the employment culture of our community. Also, we hope to develop programs for company support and placement to bolster local companies.”


Reported by Ho young

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