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“Hobanwoo” – KNU’s New Symbolic Animal

“Hobanwoo” – KNU’s New Symbolic Animal
Kyungpook National University has chosen Hobanwoo as its symbolic animal. Hobanwoo is a traditional Korean bull with a striped tiger-skin pattern. It is also known as a kudzu bull due to the fact that its skin looks like the kudzu vine.
KNU set up a plan last March to develop a new image for the University by selecting a symbolic animal. KNU held a public contest and conducted a preference survey to choose the symbolic animal, from which Hobanwoo was chosen.
According to Dr. Wonhwa Hong, Vice President of the Office of External Cooperation “Hobanwoo was a devoted lifelong companion to our ancestors throughout Korean agricultural history, and according to legend, it was such an intrepid and adventurous animal that it even defeated a tiger,” Dr. Hong also explained, that “KNU will lead the global knowledge network and bring about great innovations with the untiring and strong spirit that Hobanwoo is believed to possess.”Meanwhile, KNU is also planning to develop a Hobanwoo character in a basic and an applied version that will be used in various promotional materials for KNU.Eun-kyung Lee@yeongnamilbo
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