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KNU Students take Top Prizes in Fashion Design Contest

KNU Students take Top Prizes in Fashion Design Contest
Several Kyungpook National University students majoring in clothing at KNU took top prizes in the Third Annual Design Contest hosted by Daegu City and Kyungpook Province.
Kim Mi-Ju (age 22), won the Grand Prize of 5 million won and an all-expense paid trip to Europe, for her work which expressed “the fantasy of future plants that evolved through changed climate”.
In addition to the Grand Prize, KNU students took a total of seven prizes in the competition, including Gold Prize winner Jang Hye-Jin (age 21), Silver Prize winner Park Da-yeon (age 21), and Bronze Prize winner Yang Li-La (age 22). A special prize was awarded to Kang Sun-Ji (age 22), while participation prizes were given to Sin Se-mi (age 22) and Bae Sung-Jun (age 25).
Four of the winners will be given the opportunity to travel to Europe next January, where they will attend a fashion display and take part in market research.
Reported by Jung Gwang-Jin at Hankookilbo
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