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KNU Ranks Highly in Industry-University Cooperation

KNU Ranks Highly in Industry-University Cooperation
In October, US News, the well-known American media for university assessment and rankings, released its annual list of the best 500 universities from 49 countries worldwide. In its latest report, 11 universities from South Korea, including KNU, were ranked among the best 500 universities worldwide.        
The assessment was based on data gathered by Thompson Reuters over the last five years using 10 different evaluation criteria. Half of the overall score is based on a ratio of international and geographical reputation of a university's research results and how many times its theses were cited; the number of research publications from a university; and the number of PhD Graduates. From the results, KNU was ranked 7th among Korean Universities and 1st among flagship Korean national universities.
KNU's research capacity was also confirmed in the 2014 Leiden Ranking which evaluates the quality of international research papers. Among seven different fields in the ranking, KNU was ranked 1st in the cognitive science field in South Korea with 6% of its research papers belonging to the top 10% of frequently cited papers in the world – an indication of KNU’s capacity for producing quality international research papers.
As Jung-Hwa Nah, Chief of the Industry-University Cooperation Office pointed out "We can weigh how competitive a university's research capacity is by the US News assessment because [it] was based on the number of citations of research papers and the reputation of researches”. "KNU believes that the university's competitiveness is directly related to how competitive its research capacity is. Hence, we are trying our best to expand a budget for research and provide more supportive programs for professors with great research results," she added.
KNU's research capacity is now producing significant results in Industry-University Cooperation and leading the university's projects to be selected as government-subsidized projects.
Last month, according to the analysis from Higher Education Information Disclosure System regarding profits of Industry-University Cooperation programs from Korean universities in 2013, KNU was ranked 7th in South Korea and 1st among flagship Korean national universities by earning $145.8 billion in total.
Reported by Eun-kyung Lee at Yeongnamilbo
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