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KNU’s “Well-Characterized” Departments

KNU’s “Well-Characterized” Departments
In recent years, Kyungpook National University has invested a great deal of time and effort into constructing an educational infrastructure that will enhance the quality of education at KNU and introduce new educational programs. For its efforts, KNU has been ranked very highly by the Korean Ministry of Education for leading regional development projects and for its well characterized departments. As such, the University has been awarded the highest level of support funding for its “Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) enterprise”, and seven project groups in KNU have been selected for the “College Characterized Project”.
The Applied Life Science Department, which has been given the rank of “luxury” department, has undertaken several major projects. These projects include the establishment of the Agricultural Technique Education & Training Cooperation Centre in Romania, the South Agricultural Cooperation Centre in Laos, and planned Food Security & Agricultural Development project with Pakistan. Through these projects, the department promoted international programs for training in the field of Global Agricultural.
In the field of Agriculture & Forestry, KNU ranked within range from 100th to 150th and given world-class level recognition in the QS University evaluations, representing the only non-Seoul tertiary institution.
KNU’s Electronic Engineering Department has also been give the title “luxury” department, as a prestigious major whose students have been working on large government projects since the 1970’s, such as "BK2 Plus Business", “The Nuri Project”, and more. The department is creating a track system that allows students to specialize at working in specific companies. There are already four track systems in place that allow students to specialize at working in companies such as LG Display, Samsung Electronics. The Mobile Engineering major, which trains top-level human resources for Samsung mobile technology, has a contract with Samsung and offers four-year scholarships, study funding, dorm-room priority, and guaranteed employment at Samsung upon graduation.
KNU Teacher’s College has also received special recognition. In 2014, some 241 students from the College passed the public secondary-school teacher qualifying examinations. In total, approximately 272 students passed the test, which is the highest qualifying teachers rank in Korea.  Additionally, the KNU Teacher’s College, last year, was selected as the representative Global Teachers' University (GTU), on which it has built a solid foundation for training globally competitive and internationally qualified teachers.
Finally, the Department of Food & Nutrition was evaluated as “best in class” in an evaluation by national daily newspaper Joongang Ilbo. The evaluation places the department in the top 2.28% of all Korean University departments.  Previously, in 2008, the Department of Food & Nutrition was chosen as a leading research center by the Ministry of Education, and in 2012 it ranked highest among the 58 universities of Korea in Joongang Ilbo’s University Assessment.
Reported by Internet news team at Yeongnamilbo
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