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KNU Establishes a Global Business Center in Vietnam

KNU Establishes a Global Business Center in Vietnam
Kyungpook National University recently opened the KNU Vietnam Center, to help Techno-park-based companies advance into the Vietnamese market. The Center, located at VAST HTD Center, will help companies boasting advanced Bio- and IT technology connect and cooperate with companies in Vietnam.
VAST HTD refers to the Center for High Technology Development (HTD), which was established by the Government and officially belongs to the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). The HTD’s missions are to manage and exploit Technology Pilot Zones and Technology Research and Development (R&D) Zones of VAST.
A special business group, consisting of companies located in techno-park, was assigned to Vietnam when the center opened. Companies, Utonics and Joeun Camp, led the way in establishing joint technical development in IT with SCE, the leading company of Vietnamese backbone network installation, while MR Innovation obtained a 10 million dollar contract by export conference with ACHO, the Vietnamese Bio Service Company.
Kim Kwang-Tae, head of KNU Techno-park, stated that the Center “will give strong support for broader global technology-exchange business through actual cooperative network construction between companies located at techno-park and Vietnamese enterprises.”
KNU currently has four global business centers located worldwide, including a center in Wēihǎi in China, Silicon Valley in US, New Zealand and Vietnam.
Reported by Sang-rak Son at hankookilbo
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