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National Exam Results

KNU Achieves Highest Secondary School Teacher Employment Examination Passing Rate
280 KNU students have passed the 2014 secondary school teacher employment examination, the highest passing rate in the past 7 years. In 2013, the KNU College of Education produced 186 successful exam takers, a slight increase from the 167 who passed in 2012.
The latest results stem from a greatly enhanced learning environment at KNU designed to prepare students for the exam.  The College of Education has been operating the “yang-hyeon-jae” (accommodation for examiners) as well as a support group for students preparing for the test.
Additionally, all KNU students from the Medical Graduate School, Dental Graduate School, and the College of Pharmacy have passed the 2015 national examinations. The Medical Graduate School had the best results at the 79th national doctor's examinations, with 114 students passing the exam (the average passing rate was 96.4%).
Likewise, KNU dental graduates have all passed the examinations (59 in total), while the first 25 pharmacy students, who will soon graduate, passed the 66th annual exam.
The average passing rate of the pharmacy college is 97.2%.
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