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KNU Chemistry Professor awarded Ministry of Environment Prize

In March, on World Meteorological Day, Dr. SungHwa Jung of the Atmospheric Research Institute of Remote Sensing received a prized from the Ministry of Environment for his contribution to the utilization of dual-polarized radar by advancing the accuracy of observation data.
According to Dr. Jung “Dual-polarized radar is the only device that can counteract occurrences such as localized heavy rain, flash-floods, and urban floods by offering the physical data in detail”.
Since 2004, Dr. Jung has participated in more than 35 R&D projects under the supervision of KNU professor Lee Gyu Won. Also, Dr. Jung has applied for a total of 12 patents by localizing and developing new advanced technologies related to weather radar data processing.
Through his work with the Meteorological Administration Weather Radar Center and National Institute of Meteorological Research, Dr. Jung has registered four joint patent applications, published seven case theses in domestic and foreign academic journals, and presented his research at more than 60 domestic and foreign symposiums.
Dr. Jung says that he hopes to contribute to the reduction of national loss due to climatic damage by helping to build a national zone of dual-polarized observation.
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