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KNU Partners with Korea Gas Corporation to Foster Local Talent in the Energy Sector


On May 12, KNU signed an agreement with Korea Gas Corporation to collaborate in the exchange of information and scholarship, support development aid for fostering local talent in the energy industry sector, take part in joint research and program development, and jointly apply education and research utilities.


As part of this cooperative agreement, KNU will provide a place for human resource interchange and the training of future Korea Gas Cooperation staff. In turn, Korea Gas Corporation will offer student internship and mentoring programs and provide awards for top graduating students.


Dr. Dongchul Son, Acting President of KNU said that “through this cooperation, KNU will do big things in raising competent local people who will lead our energy industry.”


Lee Jong Ho, Acting President of Korea Gas Corporation added that “It will be an opportunity for the University and the Corporation to grow together through fostering talented people for the national energy industry and by performing joint research tasks.”


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