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College of Engineering Awarded for its Secure Lab Environment

The KNU College of Engineering under Dean Cho Kwang-Soo has been selected as a "Lead Model for National University Secure Laboratory Environment.” This comes as part of a new initiative to make existing labs more pleasant and safe, and to provide a lead model for such an environment. The Ministry of Education executed this project to cover six different academic fields, including Part A (Biology, Life Science, and Radioactivity), Part B (Chemistry), Part C (Machinery), and so on. In addition, to creating a secure learning and research environment, the purpose of the endeavor is to ensure that both students and professors conduct research in a safe manner.
The College of Engineering Department of Polymer Science and Engineering applied for Part B and was subsequently selected. They received 344,000 USD for safety equipment, as well as an additional 96,000 USD for their safe environment, for a total sponsorship of 440,000 USD. Faculty, members, Park So-Young, Yoon Keun-Byoung, Park Jin-Young, and Hyun Dong-Chun, who were instrumental in the project, are planning for a lab relocation which has been benchmarked.
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