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3rd World University Student Winter Camp

We are opening the for Korean University students and foreign students.
As KyungJu is the place where international students should have visited at least once, We decided to hold the event in KyungJu to promote collaboration and unity to international students. 
1. Date: 2015 January 16th- 18th 
2. Location: KyungJu 
3. Entry Fee: 90000 won (Excluding the transportation expenses, food and lodging expenses 
and admission fee)
4. Number of participants: 100 participants (Korean university students 60, Foreign students 
5. How to apply:
1) Online Application: fill out the form and submit it. 
2) Pay a registration fee (Registration fee is part of entry fee): transfer 40000won into 
*Payment of registration fee must be made to complete your application
6. Refund Policy 
Canceling your participation before 2015. 1.02 12:00pm :  A full refund of registration fee 
After 2015. 1.02 12:00 PM and before 2015. 1.09 12:00pm:  50% refund of registration fee.
After 2015.1.09 12:00pm: No refund will be provided.
7. For inquiries:,  070-4032-4446
*On the basis of first-come first-served, applications for participation will be closed. 
*Foreign participants must be able to speak Korean well enough to communicate since translation service will not be provided. 
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