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2016 Dokdo Global Supporters


Take a cruise ship in the han river, Let's be Dokdo friends!
Become a Global Dokdo Supporter and show your love for Dokdo!
Global Dokdo Supporters, in participating in “Declaration of Friendship with Dokdo” – an event where you will get a chance to start your friendship with Dokdo, an island of peace.
As friends of Dokdo, Global Dokdo Supporters will be promoting Dokdo to the world, deepening the friendship with this wonderful island.
This event will be held on a cruise ship on Han River, and it is free of charge.
This event will be hosted by Dokdo Foundation
ㆍDate & Time: May 7 (SAT), 2016/ 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
ㆍPlace: ELAND Cruise terminal at Yeouinaru, Han River
ㆍProgram: Declaration ceremony, flash-mob, Han River cruise tour, and lunch (hamburger & beverages)
ㆍQualification: Non-Koreans in Korea (up to 200 Global Dokdo Supporters wanted)
ㆍParticipation fee: Free of charge/ Small gift and T-shirt will be given to the Supporters/ Some of Supporters will be provided with a free Dokdo tour
ㆍApplication period: April 20 – May 1, 2016 (Applicants who passed the screening only can join this event)
ㆍApplication preparation & submission:
ㆍFor more information, contact
ㆍThis event will be organized by Funday Korea Networks