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Regular Coursework

Duration of coursework

The minimum period of registration as an enrolled student is 4 years.
Exception) 5 years for School of Architecture & Civil Engineering and 6 years for Department of Veterinary Medicine (2 years of pre-veterinary, 4 years as a veterinary major)

Length of studentship

The length of studentship is twice as long as the duration of coursework. However, the period of absence is not calculated within the length of studentship.

Reducing the duration of coursework

If you have enough credits for graduation and a grade-point average of 3.7 for all subjects you have taken so far, you may shorten the duration of coursework by one year. This does not apply to transferstudents.

Extending the duration of coursework

If you have completed field education (i.e. a field education program or global internship) and fulfilled all requires for graduation, you may choose to extend the duration of coursework within the period length of your studentship.

※Basis : Academic Regulations Article 50 (Duration of Coursework and Early Completion) and Article 51 (Length of Studentship), Article 23.2 on the management and completion of courses (Extension of Duration of Coursework)

Student Information System (YES)

You can search academic-related matters and apply for courses through the Student Information System.
Category Services Department
(Tel 053-950-)
Class Class evaluation / Search for classes and timetable Academic Affairs(5092)
Grade G.P.A check Academic Affairs(5092)
Registrar Application for leave of absence or return to school / Application for double major Academic Affairs(5082)
Personal Information Change of address / Telephone number / Link to personal homepage Each department
Enrollment Tuition check /Print tuition bill Finance(5046)
Scholarships Print scholarship certificate / Application for Tutor or volunteer programs Student Affairs(6061)
Student Life SMART system / Application for placement course / Application for student ID Student Affairs(6031)
Application for study at other universities Academic Affairs(5092)
Application for overseas internships, Application for individual overseaslanguage program / Application for credit transfer earned from overseas Exchange Program International Affairs(6091)
Housing Application / Check for move-in / Check successful candidate / Print housing fee bills Housing Office(6681)
Military Matters Report to be assigned to the armed reserves Reserved Army Office(6096)
Parking Application for extension and payment for on-campus parking season ticket General Affairs(5037)