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Evaluation: relative evaluation

Classification A Grade A Grade + B Grade Below C Grade
Electives•Major•Teaching Courses within 30% within 70% over 30%
  • In order to complete your courses and be eligible for graduation, your grade point average must be over 1.7.
  • Your grades are counted only when you have 3/4 attendance each semester and received over D- or S grade.

Repeating Courses

  • A.Course may be retaken to receive better grades, and when you apply to repeat your course, your prior grade will be nullified.
  • B.You may only retake the same course or a course recognized as a same course if the academic program has be revised, and thecourse is recognized as being the same course.
    ※ Search for courses: KNU homepage>Academic Information>Educational Program>Search for courses
  • C.Cancellation of prior grades
    • If there are more than 2 courses that are considered the same course, the lower grade will be deleted;
    • and if the grades are the same,the prior grade will be deleted. However, should the student so desire, prior courses can be deleted.
  • D.Deletion of prior courses: students can delete prior courses only after 1/4 of the semester has passed
  • E.Restriction for repeating courses: the grade for an elective course that has been repeated can notexceed B+. This is to avoid unnecessary repetition of courses(※Major or teaching courses : without restriction).
※Basis : Rules for Grades Article 3 (Grade Evaluation Method), Rules for Completion and Management of Educational Program Article 12 (Repeating Courses)

Academic Probation

Students placed on academic probation

  • Students with a grade point average of 1.7 including F grades received within the semester.
  • Students who have registered for less than 6 credits for the semester.
  • With exceptions to students of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, students who have taken more credits than needed for graduation, students who are in their last semester before graduation.
    (※Students of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy will be held back instead of being placed on an academic probation)


  • A.The dean of the college may limit the number of credits, absence as well as extracurricularactivities.
  • B.The dean of the college or the student advisor conducts interviews with students twice or more per semester.
  • C.Students on 2nd consecutive academic probation : students are allowed to register 3 credits less than is generally available for the next semester’s course registration
  • D.Students on 3rd consecutive academic probation : Academic expulsion
※Basis: Academic Registration Article 53 (Academic Probation), Rules for Course Management Article 36.2 (Advising Students on Academic Probation)